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Todd's Take: I Stand Corrected On Shipping Containers' Purpose
Earlier this morning I made a snarky comment about the Washington State Department of Transportation's effort in placing shipping containers, filled with concrete traffic barriers, along I-82 to help stop a potential mud and/or rock slide on Rattlesnake Ridge.
Moments later, I received this ema…
Kupp-Date: Cooper Kupp Tote Board – Week #16 Vs. Titans
A.C. Davis High (Yakima) and Eastern Washington University grad Cooper Kupp is enjoying his first season in the NFL as a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams. We will track his progress each week here with this virtual tote board.
12 Days of Christmas In Yakima
What if the traditional carol about what one should get their true love for each of the 12 days of Christmas was based solely in Yakima?