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Todd's Take: An Angry Mariners Fan Needs An Angry Wardrobe
My beloved Seattle Mariners now have the distinction of being the professional sports franchise that has the longest playoff drought. That is why when I saw this t-shirt for sale, I couldn't break out my debit card fast enough!
Line Drive Dethrones M's King Felix Hernandez In First Spring Sta
After setting a Major League record for most pitchers used in a single season last year, the M's suffered what could be another major blow to their pitching rotation today when "King" Felix Hernandez was seared in his right pitching arm by a line drive in his first Cactus League start…
Retro 80's TV Ad Redefines Punk Music
Clearly, the folks at Warner Bros. music in the early 90's had absolutely ZERO concept of what "punk" music was as evidenced by this :60 infomercial
Hilarious Valentine's Candy Hearts By Kindergarteners
Every year at Valentine's Day, a kindergarten teacher in Kirkland, WA has her pupils come up with their own phrases that they think should be on those cutesy candy "conversation" hearts.

There are a few, however, that can at-worst be described as creepy, absurd, and downright contagi…