Now that NASA's land rover 'Curiosity' is rolling around the red planet in hopes to find forms of life from past or present, this got me thinking about other things I expect we'll see on Mars, if not today, in the near future. Here's what I've got:

A Monolith

I'd love it if Curiosity found a monolith. It doesn't even have to be the perfect symmetrical stone like in '2001: The Space Odyssey'. Just any large structure - the more unexplained, the better.


A Starbucks

You know it's only a matter of time before Starbucks will set up shop on Mars. Hey, a Martian's gotta have a grande, half-sweet sugar-free cinamon dulce, non-fat, chai tea misto just like the rest of us!


A Toll Booth

We just spent 10 years preparing, something like 2.5 billion dollars to finally get to Mars and now they're gonna make us pay to get through? Me, without my spare change, too. I hope they accept debit.


Another Rover - That Doesn't Belong To Earth

Wouldn't it be crazy is we ran across another land rover that wasn't our and didn't belong to anyone on Earth? Especially if the alien rover was made similar technology as ours sending info to a different planet. Or maybe it comes from some robot planet - highly unlikely. It would be very cool in an alternate universe / science fiction kind of way.


A Construction Zone

Doesn't this just figure? We've got somewhere to be and we've gotta get there in a hurry - of course there would be a construction zone on at the exact time of the exact day we're supposed to be looking stuff, not stalling for time.


A V.I.P. Section

We made it to Mars and I still can't believe it. What you could believe, however, is that there would be a roped off V.I.P. section and you're not on the list. We can roam around the rest of Mars all we want, but we want to see what's beyond that velvet rope - there has got to be celebrities or special access to something. Maybe that's where the water is, they turned it into an alcove or lagoon. I guess you gotta know someone who knows someone. Anyone have Marvin the Martian's number?

What do you expect to see?