I am an enigma... or so I've been told. A Pacific North West native with roots in Canada, Louisiana, Tennessee and Texas. I somehow knew from my earliest memories that I was supposed to be a guitarist even though no other family members play music.
I started playing the guitar while in the 7th grade and took up the bass at 16. A year later I switched back to the guitar because I was living on an island in Alaska and playing the bass by yourself is boring or, it seemed to be at the time.  When I graduated from high school, I moved to Juneau, Alaska to attend the University of Alaska.
I moved back to Washington in 1984 and joined a band...  and I have played all over the North West in almost every kind of situation and style of music ever since.
I feel fortunate to be playing music and hope it leads me to my goals of advancing my skills and, hopefully, playing music people enjoy.