Well, I agree with most of this list. What do you think?

Here’s a Top 10 list of some hot rock items to watch for:

01 - Steven Tyler on American Idol

Could be a wild ride. Or a train wreck. Either way, expect rock fans to check it out. Premieres January 19.

02 - Jimmy Page

According to the 2010 hennemusic Rock News Story Of The Year, Jimmy plans to get out and play some shows in the year ahead. Who will he play with? Where will he play? One-off events, or a regular tour? Zepheads need to know and will be anxiously awaiting news on Mr. Page’s plans.

03 - The Cars

Judging by the reaction to news stories on them here at hennemusic, there’s a lot of interest in the reunited Cars getting a record done and hitting the road. They’ve teased us with snippets of two new songs….time to step it up. Let’s hope it’ll be as good as we want the band to be.

04 - Peter Frampton

Will tour Frampton Comes Alive 35 in 2011. Awesome live concert news from Frampton that will showcase one of the best all-time live albums in rock history. Expect two sets: the first, a collection of tracks spanning his career; the second, "Frampton Comes Alive" in all its glory.

05 - Van Halen

Always a question mark. Reportedly hitting the studio in January to record their first new music with David Lee Roth since 1996, and their first full record with him since 1984. Huge albums always come out in the last quarter of the year; will the record be done in time for a fall tour?

06 - Rush

Continue their hugely successful “Time Machine” tour and have plans to get a new album done. Like fine wine, they are aging gracefully and rocking harder than ever before.

07 - Velvet Revolver

Will the singer search finally end? Sounds like the band may be on the verge of an announcement, but we’ll have to stay tuned. Slash continues to tour his solo album, including a series of dates supporting Ozzy Osbourne; Duff McKagan’s Loaded has a new album due in March, so the guys are busy. Will they find some time to focus on VR in the near future IF the voice gets confirmed?

08 - Foo Fighters

New disc was recorded with Butch Vig in Dave Grohl’s garage. Sure to kick some ass.

09 - New solo albums

New music from song long overdue artists: Joe Walsh, Gregg Allman, and more are on the way.

10 - Rock N' Roll Books

Just some of the rock autobiographies due in 2011: