"What's it like being the real Steven Tyler?" Tyler's talking portrait asks him in a new Skittles commercial titled "Portrait Duet."

"Oh, it's no different from being a Skittles Steven Tyler," Tyler says. "Except, you're sweeter."

"Yeah but I'll never wear leather pants, become proficient with nunchucks or even write a song," his painting replies.

And with that the two Stevens write a song together. When the portrait suggests "Bang, bang baby, like the 4th of July," Tyler approves but thinks it can be taken up a notch. He then puts his familiar scream on the song as he sings the chorus from his latest country single "Red, White and You."

Tyler's first Skittles commercial debuted during Super Bowl 50, which is where he met his Skittles portrait. “That is E to the Z tweedly-dee-sgusting,” Tyler declares as he looks at a self-portrait made entirely of Skittles.

As it turns out, the portrait talks. “You haven’t heard me sing-diddly-ding yet,” it says before singing Aerosmith's hit “Dream On.”

While Tyler fans can currently catch the singer on their televisions in the form of a commercial, the rock-turned-country-singer will soon head out on a country tour. He's also putting the finishing touches on an album.

“We hope to be going on tour after we release the album, which will be in two months from now,” Tyler shares. The Out on a Limb Tour begins in July.

As for the progress of the album, Tyler says things are going well, sharing: “We’re really close right now and we just got a few more things to record next and throw up against the wall and see if they stick."

Tyler will make a stop in Detroit Lakes, Minn. in August for WE Fest 2016.

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