4th of July

Cool Photo of Lightning Striking Behind a Firework
I admit it, I'm a picture junkie. I take pictures of everything all the time. Whether it's my kids playing at a park or a classic toy I find at a yard sale, I'm snapping a picture, posting it on Facebook, uploading it to Instagram - all that. I don't take pictures of fireworks because they never tur…
Best 4th of July Fireworks in Yakima
There are a few days on the calendar that the little pyromaniac inside all of us gets to scratch the itch to set fire to over-priced, colorful bits of paper and cardboard made in China... without fear of legal reprisal! Here are some of the bigger shows this year, capped off by the most insane displ…
Places To Light Fireworks in the Yakima Valley
There's good news and bad news. Bad news is you can't light fireworks in the city limits of Yakima. Unless you're just lighting sparklers and those ashy, charcoal snakes you're SOL. The good news is you can light off fireworks in a few surrounding areas.