Tonight’s Presidential Debate Drinking Game
Tonight's second scheduled presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney can only mean one thing: it's time for another drinking game! If you played along during the first with, we want to alert you to some tweaks that have been made since tonight's showd…
Could Heineken Be Introducing a Cube of Beer?
Heineken could soon be introducing something that could revolutionize how we consider beer. Although at first it may seem odd to drink out of a square that looks more fitted to poke a straw through, this has several benefits as well. Let's look at the Heineken Cube.
Real Men Drink Shark Bourbon
After a tough day at work there’s nothing like coming home and pouring yourself a nice glass of gas station  brand bourbon. If you’re a total cheapskate. Real men go for the good stuff. And that stuff happens to be bourbon that’s been barrel-aged …
Starting Today, June 1st, 2012, You Can Buy Liquor In Stores
Since Initiative 1183 passed last year, people have been waiting for today. Like in some other states, we're now allowed to buy tequila, vodka, whiskey and other hard alcohol in many stores and would-be store owners can even have their own liquor stores, if they feel like it.
Cool Down With a Whiskey Slush
Have you ever watched an episode of ‘Mad Men’ and admired Don Draper looking ultra cool sipping a whiskey on the rocks?  Don’t try it. You’re not Don Draper. You’re more the ‘whiskey in a sip cup’ kind o…
Iced Tea Flavored Beer From Coors
Do you love iced tea but hate the fact that it's non-alcoholic? Do you love beer, but hate the fact that it doesn't taste enough like iced tea? Well, Coors has some information for you!

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