Adam Corolla’s Sledgehammer Wine is Just For Men
Wine is generally viewed as a beverage for guys over the age of fifty who enjoy vacations in Napa or guys too wussy to drink beer.
Adam Corolla wants to change the stigma associated with men and wine with some red wines called Sledgehammer
Why Does This Vodka Cost $3,000 Per Bottle?
Elit by Stolichnaya has been trying to up their vodka game with high-priced, high-class brands that have gone through more cold-filtration and aging than a cryogenics lab. Their new “Pristine” brand – priced at $3,000 a bottle – should come wi…
Best Places To Buy Beer In Yakima – Riggs’ Top Five
I'm a beer drinker. The end. I don't drink hard alcohol anymore as it hurts my stomach, even in small doses (no matter how delicious) and I can't drink wine as it makes me look like an asshole so beer is my preferred drink of choice. Living in the...
Finally, Pizza Beer Exists
Confucius once said “Beer and pizza go together like beer and pizza.” He said it during his later years, he might have been losing his quotability by that time. Anyway, beer and a slice go so well together we’re a little surprised it’s tak…
64oz Flask? Yes Please!
Looking for something to give that drunk uncle who makes you mix drinks for him? Get him a 64oz flask so he never has to get up. In fact, it may be for the best.

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