Deer Chillin’ On The Sidewalk Is The Coolest Thing
I remember while I was growing up, we lived out in the boondocks. Seriously, we lived 16 miles in the middle of nowhere. When I was really young, I thought it was pretty cool. Then when I got older, not so much. However, the wildlife was awesome. I would see coyotes, wolves, deer and antelope all th…
Food Drive For The Animals, Naches Middle School
Naches school is holding a food drive for the Animals! The girl getting things done, Miss Aryah, is already preparing at age ten, for her senior project! She is a go getter! Please help by bring donations to the KATS studio and ask for Kelly West!
Bizarre Study Finds Drivers Try to Hit Animals [VIDEO]
It should be considered a brilliant leap in the telling of humanity whenever the real face of the human condition is exposed – especially when it exposes the wrath of cold-blooded rubber animal killers.
That’s what we said — rubber animal killers.
Man Tries to Smuggle Baby Animals Past Airport Security
In a bizarre twist, a first-class passenger was arrested this week after he was caught trying to smuggle two panthers, an Asiatic black bear, one macaque monkey and one marmoset in his luggage.
According to the Guardian, the suspect, Noor Mahmoodr, was charged with "possessing endangered wildlif…