Accessible Art In Yakima
Not everyone is an art connoisseur. While I enjoy art and did visit the Picasso Museum and The Louvre when my wife and I went on vacation to Paris back in 2000 it's not something I typically do. Not because I don't enjoy it, it's just that I have other things on my agenda...
Awesome Bathroom Art In North Bend
Soooo usually bathroom art is relegated to phallic depictions and rulers or someone drawing a line a few feet above a urinal with pithy captions like "if you can pee above this line the fire department needs you". Rarely does art from the commode inspire but Pioneer Coffee in North…
Chalk Art In Selah Was Awesome [PHOTOS]
They other day I had to grab some food in Selah. As I was driving by Nana Kate's, I saw something very interesting that you would not normally see in Selah. What I saw is usually in Seattle or San Francisco. It was the most amazing artwork on the sidewalk. Chalk art!
Todd’s Take: Draw the Seahawks Logo in 30 Seconds [VIDEO]
As a youngster, I used to spend much of my free time drawing.  As an avid sports fan I would often choose athletes as my subjects.  By virtue of this, I ultimately became proficient in drawing team logos from memory.
In this video I will demonstrate how to draw the Seattle Seahawks' ol…

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