Babe of the Day

Alessandra Lopez — Babe of the Day
Alessandra Lopez is a 24-year-old model from Miami Beach, Fla. In addition to her modeling work, Alessandra has been a professional dancer for the Miami Marlins and Florida Panthers. Truth: Alessandra might be one of the few reasons to go see those teams… well, her and the fish tanks.
Daryl Rene — Babe of the Day
Meet Daryl Rene, a 24-year-old model living in North Carolina who has spent lots of time on the world’s best beaches. Daryl loves to travel, and as you can probably tell, she also loves the sand and water, and we love to watch her laying out and getting wet.
Carra Brooks — Babe of the Day
Carra Brooks is a 25-year-old model from Miami. Carra got her start at Hooters, the chain restaurant that specializes in beer, chicken wings and girls who are about to become models.
Carra was featured on Spike TV's gripping documentary about Hooters' 'Snow Angels...

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