Babe of the Day

Nicole Craner — Babe of the Day
Portland, Oregon is widely known as a city on the upswing. Proof? It used to be known for a kickin’ rose festival and the Trail Blazers, now it is a craft beer haven and home of Nicole Craner, our Babe of the Day.
Alex Reardon — Babe of the Day
Sometimes, it takes a failure to find a success. Our ‘Checking Out Your Tweets‘ blog posts were kind of a failure but they were successful in finding our ‘Babe of the Day’ for today — Alex Reardon.
Beasley — Babe of the Day
Meet Beasley, an 18-year-old model from Boulder, Colorado. She is willing to do almost anything for modeling, except shave her head. A gal has to draw the line someplace.
Christine Phillips — Babe of the Day
Christine Phillips is a health and fitness buff, and she has the body to prove it.
In addition to fitness and sports modeling, Phillips has done promotional modeling for various brands. The Cleveland resident doesn’t seem to let the cold climate of her hometown keep her from get…
Dana Marie — Babe of the Day
Marilyn Monroe was voluptuous, Christina Hendricks (a goddess among women) is full-figured and Dana Marie is curvaceous — and we’re diggin’ it.
Dana Marie, from New York, NY, has been featured in Fastlane Biker NY, Super Street Bike Magazine, and P…

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