Timmy’s Basement Babe of the Night! – Trillian
Actress Zooey Deschanel, played this news anchor from Earth who just so happens escapes our planet being destroyed to make room for a super hyper express way... and then continues on with amazing adventures in The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy...
Timmy’s Basement Babe of the Night! – Lucy Hale
She hasn't done much besides modeling & crappy TV shows... but I think being Dead Body #82 in Scream 4 will really put her in the spot light... and if that doesn't, being Timmy's Basement Babe for Thursday (9/30) just might do it!
Timmy’s Basement Babe of the Night! – Vanessa Hudgens
Best known for her work in High School Musical movies... if you're under 13... if you're over 18, then it would be the nude phone hacked pictures that are on the internet thingy... (Kids get parents permission first before searching). She also kicked some ass in the movie SuckerPunch!

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