Beard Cap For Bearded Swimmers, Facial Perfect
Attention everyone who has a beard! There is now a swimming cap that covers your head and your whole face. Now your beard can stay in tack while you swim. If you like looking like a dork at the same time! I can't tell you how many Yakima Valley people I know who have a beard. I am sure some of …
Sh!t Faced?!?
"Oh No! My Beard Has Poop In It! Looks like it's time for decapitation... or maybe I can just comb it out?" Yep, you heard right, a new study out of New Mexico has warned that facial hair may be dirtier than your toilet!
The Ultimate Cincinnati Bengals Fan Creates Hu-Dey Beerd [PHOTO]
The NFL regular season is about five weeks away and it can't get here soon enough! While taking a look at training camp updates from my favorite team, the Cincinnati Bengals,  I came across this photo of Quarterback Andy Dalton and what could only be the most rad ass Bengals fan in existen…