Happy National Beer Day, Yummy!
April 7 is the day we celebrate National Beer Day and I am happy for that.  Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world besides tea and water.
Mariners Beer Cap Is Greatest Invention Ever
While the Seattle Mariners performance on the field has left much to be desired over the years, you have to hand it to their marketing and promotions departments for coming up with creative ways to entice fans to go to the ballpark.
If you're ever lucky enough to be at a game with the gal you love -- and a beer you love even more -- then you might be like this guy!
Raise Your Toast to … Beer-Flavored Jelly!
Who says beer isn't for breakfast?
Not Potlicker Kitchen -- the upstart Vermont food maker is now offering a jelly that tastes like craft beer. Flavors include oatmeal stout, Hefeweizen and a bitter IPA.
And moms, don't worry: The alcohol content is less than ...

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