Top 10 Baseball Parks For Craft Brew
If you are tired of going to the ballgame only to be gouged a high price for cheap beer, then this list is for you.
The folks at have rated the 10 best cities to get good beer at a major league park.
Alcohol Now Legal in Yakima Parks – What Are the Rules?
You may have heard that last night, Yakima's city council passed an ordinance making it legal to drink alcohol in parks.
What does that mean, exactly? What can you do now, and what can't you do? I assume there are a few questions about the new ordinance, so I wanted to answer them here:
Man Claims Stolen Beer Is His Weener
In a wicked world of dishonest boozehounds and ripple junkies, one should never be too surprised by the size of the cojones on these shifty characters; that is, unless the bulge in their pants carries a striking resemblance to a couple cans of beer. At that point, you can rest assure that you are be…
Who Has the Cheapest Beer In Sports?
If you have ever attended a concert or sporting event, undoubtedly you have been hit with the initial sticker shock of how much a beer will cost you.
At Seahawks games, a cup of suds will run you $8, which is a bit higher than the average N.F.L. draught  which is $7.28.
Beer And Pie Get A Guy, Interesting Marketing Plan (VIDEO) made a commercial that I am sure is to raise awareness for getting in to shape and not being 'Chubby'!  I still haven't decided how I feel about the commercial other than he is making me want to work out hardcore and then drinks some beer...
AC/DC Rocking Signature Brand of Beer
Hard rock and beer go together swimmingly, don't you think? Various rock acts have released their own official brews in the past, and Australian legends AC/DC recently joined the club with a new, full-bodied German beer.
Girl Scout Cookies Paired With Beer
While many in the Yakima Valley will partake in the annual 'Red Wine and Chocolate' event this weekend, if you're anything like me, a good brew and a bag of cookies is a bit more affordable.

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