JibJab Lets You Gangnam Style Yourself
Comedy site JibJab has had the feature for years that lets you put you and your friends and family in these animated cartoons. Now you can be Psy and dance to Gangnam Style without even trying.
10 Sexiest Cartoon Vixens on Adult Swim
Adult Swim is known for many things. They are known for their cutting edge humor. They are known for their unique channel imaging. But now they are gonna be known because of their hot cartoon chicks.
Here are the most delectable cartoon sex kittens Adult Swim has to offer
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Read Every ‘Simpsons’ Chalkboard Gag
As any fan of ‘The Simpsons‘ knows, Bart can be seen at the beginning of every episode writing on Ms. Krabappel’s blackboard. But after 23 seasons of the long-running cartoon, it can be difficult to keep all of Bart’s chalkboard mantras straight. Fortunate…