10 Cats Stuck in Things
Cats are funny little creatures. Some like dressing up in reindeer antlers while others bask in the grumpy glory of fame. It doesn't matter what kind of feline we come across-- we're always big fans of the furballs. However, there is one type of kitty that tops our list of favorites: …
Cat Reacts to Seeing Owner After Six Months
This pretty much sums up the love/hate relationship all cat owners have with their pets. Specifically, we love them, and they hate us. This is the typical cat's reaction to its owner going on leave for six months. We think it's probably pretty accurate...
Today is National Hairball Awareness Day
No.  Really.
April 26thth is actually dedicated in the U.S. to bringing awareness to those disgusting clumps of knotted fur and gastrointestinal juices.
If you are a feline friendly, then you are already abundantly aware of them.

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