GoDaddy’s Super Bowl 2012 Commercial – Sneak Peek [VIDEO]
Once upon a time, not too long ago, Super Bowl commercials would be only shown during the Super Bowl. Thanks for viral marketing they're putting those ads online early to bring awareness to their product. GoDaddy is great at shoving their product via their models in the faces of men, young and …
Smart Thief Uses Camera To His Advantage [VIDEO]
Before I get to deep in the video, this is a fake. It's a commercial for LG and their slimmest TV ever. I just thought the video was kooky and silly until the very, very end until I got why he was facing the camera the whole time. "Like" this post if you get it.
Parody of Local Commercial – 7 Second Skit [VIDEO]
I didn't have much of an inspiration for this skit. Just I was driving by some nursing homes and thought this would be funny in a commercial so I handed my wife the camera (a.k.a. iPhone), asked my wife to film this, put on a tie and here's the finished result...