Cooking Hostile with Phil Anselmo [VIDEO]
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Martha Stewart made an appearance on Metalocalypse? OK, me neither. BUT if that were to happen, I would imagine things would go down similar to 'Cooking Hostile!' with Phil Anselmo.
Beer Battered Spam Because Why Not?
I've been on a beer battered kick this whole week. From California rolls to bacon, one thing I thought I'd try for no other reason because it was handy and I still had beer batter left to experiment with was beer battering Spam.
Beer Battered Bacon – It’s Not as Good as it Sounds
Over the weekend I was in a beer battering mood. I had it in mind to make beer battered California rolls, which turned out pretty decent, but since I still had some batter left, I decided to beer batter a few more items including bacon. I only wish it would've turned out better.
Eating a Bowl Full of Cereal Marshmallows [VIDEO]
Once upon a time, Todd told me, "I like the Charms, I don't like the Luckies." It's not doubt that marshmallows in breakfast cereal enhances everything from flavor to texture to color. You can imagine how much I freaked out when you could buy just a bag full of cereal mar…
Gordon Ramsey’s Cooking for Porn
Known as the 'Simon Cowell of Hell's Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey is an excellent chef, no doubt about it. Behind the scenes, off camera, he actually seems like cool guy - a family man. I don't know if he's want to show his kids this video where he's cooking and using a lot of por…

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