This is What Happens When You Flip Off a Judge [VIDEO]
You can't tell me a time when you've been staring in the face of authority with an urge to flip them the bird. You don't because you're an outstanding citizen and respect their authority and, you know if you do, you'll get in even more trouble...
James Holmes In Court
The first footage of the Colorado Theater shooter has surfaced on the Internet showing James Holmes in court. I'm sorry, but he even looks like a complete douche and doesn't look concerned or even care that he's in court.
DWI Offender Drinks Beer in Court
Keith Gruber of Swan Lake, NY, was an hour and a half late for his 10:30 AM pretrial felony DWI hearing in Sullivan County Court.
It would have probably been best if the 49-year-old didn't show up at all.
That's because Gruber stumbled into the proceeding while swigging on an open can of Bu…