Yakima Craigslist Missed Connections Are Lame
I am still blown away that people really meet other people on Craigslist. I guess I don't understand it. How, when you put a 'Missed Connection' on Craigslist, will the person know you are talking about them? How? Anybody could answer those adds! Here is the stupidest one I …
Craigslist Ad in Ellensburg Looking For ‘Erotic Maid’
Like just about everything else on the Internet, Craigslist ads can generally be helpful.  But sometimes they can be fraudulent and other times they can be downright weird.
Take, for example, the posting I stumbled across the other day from a person in Ellensburg.
Man Offers To Beat ‘Mega Man 2′ For a Price in Craigslist Ad
Mega Man 2 is one of my favorite video games of all time. Released for the NES, you play as Mega Man and have to beat a collection of robot bosses, earning their powers when they are defeated. This may come as a challenge to many so this guy decided to hire out his mad gaming skills for a price.
Yakima Craigslist-Anything Could Happen
Don't let it happen again;) - w4m (Selah)
You backed into me at the street dance, and apologized, I laughed and said don't let it happen again! Really I didn't mind and hoped it would happen again. You had on a grey hoodie. Maybe we can bump into each other again! Sen...
Yakima Craigslist Missed Connections, A Very Stupid Poem
Craigslist can prove as a useful tool when needed. I have found many items on Craigslist for free that otherwise may have cost me a lot of money! But there is one thing that cracks me up on Craigslist and that is their section on Missed Connections! HA I am pretty sure that most people have to be dr…
Mom Puts Three-Year-Old Son Up for Adoption on Craigslist
Craigslist is a great resource for meeting people and buying and selling almost anything. But when it comes to giving away children, there are probably better ways. That didn't stop a Texas woman from offering her three-year-old for adoption on the service, however.

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