Yakima Craigslist Missed Connections Are Lame
I am still blown away that people really meet other people on Craigslist. I guess I don't understand it. How, when you put a 'Missed Connection' on Craigslist, will the person know you are talking about them? How? Anybody could answer those adds! Here is the stupidest one I …
Man Offers To Beat ‘Mega Man 2′ For a Price in Craigslist Ad
Mega Man 2 is one of my favorite video games of all time. Released for the NES, you play as Mega Man and have to beat a collection of robot bosses, earning their powers when they are defeated. This may come as a challenge to many so this guy decided to hire out his mad gaming skills for a price.
Yakima Craigslist-Anything Could Happen
Don't let it happen again;) - w4m (Selah)
You backed into me at the street dance, and apologized, I laughed and said don't let it happen again! Really I didn't mind and hoped it would happen again. You had on a grey hoodie. Maybe we can bump into each other again! Sen...
Yakima Craigslist Missed Connections, A Very Stupid Poem
Craigslist can prove as a useful tool when needed. I have found many items on Craigslist for free that otherwise may have cost me a lot of money! But there is one thing that cracks me up on Craigslist and that is their section on Missed Connections! HA I am pretty sure that most people have to be dr…

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