Dashboard Cam Caught Plane Crashing Into Road [VIDEO]
"in Russia, plane takes you!" Okay, so that wasn't very funny, nor did it make a lot of sense. What happened in this video is a plane crashed hard into the water (it looks like) and ends up crashing into the road. A driver happen to have a dashboard camera and caught most of i…
Hardcore Boating Accident Caught On Camera
A few days ago there was a boating accident in Missouri. Not that it was a momentous occasion, but the fact that it was caught on an inside camera shows what can happen if you speed into a large wake.
Dumb Ass Crashes Lamboghini When Showing Off
If you were to get a lambo, what's the first thing you would want to do? Show it off! What's the last thing you would ever want to do? Show it off and crash. Guess what happens in this video? Watch and see and be glad it's not you.
Washington 7th Grader Saves Bus From Crashing
How heroic for these two Milton Washington boys to save the lives of there bus driver and all the kids on the bus! Check out the video we found at (Found by Eli Chance from West Valley High School)
Danica Patrick Crashes At Daytona [POLL]
Danica Patrick, who once lead a lap or two at the Indy 500, has shifted gears and is now racing stock cars... with about as much success as she had in open-wheel racing.
During the Gatorade duels yesterday, Patrick crashed her car on the final lap...

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