Not So Smart Dog Falls In Pool [VIDEO]
Sometimes a dog just has to make a mistake in order for it to learn. That is probably what happens in this dogs case.
Here is the second video shot watching the dog get out of the pool! To funny!
Check it out and let your dogs watch so they can see what not to do...
Dog Shows Emotions on Command
Most people teach their cute dog cute tricks like roll over. They may teach attack dogs to, well, attack. This guy decided it would be fun to teach his German Shepherd emotions by just using words.
Hero Golden Retriever Rescues Missing Autistic Child
The parents of 5-year-old Scotty Meyer, who suffers from autism, were fear stricken when they realized their son had disappeared. The family officially reported him missing midday last Tuesday, convinced that he had slipped out of the house while their air conditioning was being repaired. Fortunatel…

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