Unfortunate Ad Placements [PHOTOS]
Advertising is a reality of everyday life. You can't watch TV, cruise the internet or even drive your car without being subjected to thousands of ads everyday. That's what makes it even funnier when they screw up and aren't aware of the placement...
Kid Tried To Rob Drug Dealer, Crashed His Car [VIDEO]
Ladies and gentlemen, meet your douche of the day. This punk kid got the great idea to have his drug dealer hand him the 'goods' first. Then, instead of giving the dealer the money, he would drive off with both his money and his drugs. I bet this dumbass didn't think that the drug dea…
Josh Blanchard Slips and Falls In Epic Bowling Fail [VIDEO]
This has got to be embarrassing, it happening on live TV and all. Looks more painful than I would've though. Too bad he didn't end up sliding all the way down still attached to the bowling ball like they do in movies. That'd be funny. In the meantime, it's still pretty funny...
10 Must-Watch Dancing Disasters [VIDEOS]
Dancing on camera can be a dangerous proposition for any woman. Even if she a trained professional, things can always go wrong. None of these women are trained professionals so the chance of things going wrong is doubled.

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