Girl Breaks Another Girl’s Arm in Arm Wrestling
She may not look like much, but she'll snap your arm if you're not careful. You'll see the problem immediately in this video. How much leverage did she think she could get sitting in that awkward position? That'll teach her to use only her arm strength instead of locking your arm…
Oven Falls On Girl While Planking [VIDEO]
Planking is that lame new fad that kids today will make fun of when their older much like how we thought the 'mullet' hairstyle was cool back then, but not now. These kinds of videos are the only planking videos I can stand to watch - the ones where they plank and karma slaps them around f…
Man Calls 911 To Ask Cops To Buy Him Beer
Talk about a bizarre beer run.
The AP is reporting that Raymond Roberge of Bridgeport, CT, dialed 911 three times on Sunday. When authorities finally showed up to his house, the 65-year-old man gave them money "to go to the store and buy him some beer...
See a Three-Minute-Long Snowmobile Wreck in Stunning HD [VIDEO]
Snowmobiles are among the most dangerous vehicles out there, and you can see why in this video shot from the helmet cam of a French adventurer.
After losing control of the snowmobile, the man tumbles down the steep incline he was attempting to navigate. Finally, he is able to control his fall in a wa…
Woman Develops Foreign Accent After Oral Surgery [VIDEO]
Any type of surgery can leave you dealing with some serious side effects, but 56-year-old Karen Butler has experienced something especially peculiar. Since her oral surgery a year and a half ago, the Oregon woman has spoken with a bizarre English-meets-Irish-meets-Russian accent.

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