Hood Slide Goes Hilariously Wrong
The hood slide was popularized by good ol’ boys Bo and Luke on the TV series ‘Dukes of Hazzard.’ The move has been repeated millions of times since, but usually without the Duke’s well-practiced accuracy.
The Ultimate Drunk Fail Compilation Video
Watching the Olympics, I enjoy watching highlight reels of the successes and cheering and all that, but to take your mind off that, I bring to you this highlight reel, or maybe a lowlight reel, of drunk fail videos.
Man Impaled on Fence After Dodging Out on Bar Tab
There is no joy in having to pay a large bar tab, especially when there seems to be a discrepancy with the bill. However, it is well advised to just pay it – because there is even less joy in having to be removed from a fence after you impale yourself while attempting to pull the old “dr…
An Awesome Compilation of Firework Fails [VIDEO]
Always a reminder to be safe this 4th of July. No doubt that someone will catch something on fire this year as the sounds of fireworks also accompanies the sounds of fire trucks heading to put out, yet, another fire from stupid people not lighting them properly in our desert area.
Instead, we'll…

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