Dumb Ass Crashes Lamboghini When Showing Off
If you were to get a lambo, what's the first thing you would want to do? Show it off! What's the last thing you would ever want to do? Show it off and crash. Guess what happens in this video? Watch and see and be glad it's not you.
Texting And Walking Girl Falls On Live TV
If you're texting and walking at the same time and there are stairs present and they happen to be filming a live news shot around where you are, there is nearly a 100% chance that you'll have a precious YouTube moment like this.
Kids Don’t Know Who Paul McCartney Is [PHOTO]
Last night's Grammys were making each and every artist and subject trend on Facebook and Twitter. One of the highlights was Sir Paul McCartney taking the stage. Unfortunately for our younger generation, they didn't know who Paul McCartney was.
Guitar Swing Becomes Guitar Toss [VIDEO]
This poor band. They're just trying to rock out on stage. Getting into the tune he's going to attempt to swing the guitar around his head. Instead of making his guitar go 360, he gets a good 40-45 degree angle launch behind the stage.

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