New Kickstarter Campaign Offers a Fart In a Jar
Crowd sourcing stinks.
Don't believe me?
A new Kickstarter called Fart in a Jar will deliver flatulence from the buttocks of people in 80 different countries around the globe.
A single jar costs just $9 bucks. For $500 you can get a “Fart Fest,” which is a fart from eve…
Yoga Fart
Accidentally passing gas in public has to be one of life's more embarrassing moments.
Hot Chick Farting Prank
It's every man's dream to rub lotion on a hot girl in a bikini.
Unfortunately, it didn't go well as might be expected for these guys.
Fart Joke Sends Teen To Jail
Harold Wayne Hadley of Mississippi is your typical 19-year-old boy. He likes sports, action movies, and, of course, fart jokes. Although considering how much trouble a fart joke got him in, he may like those a lot less now.
The Definitive List of Types of Farts
It will one day be acceptable to admit to the world that you enjoy your own farts. No longer will you have to hide the fact that you secretly smell, classify and rank the “air from under there.” The only thing you haven’t done is name them.
Guy With Fart Toy Gets Punched In Face [VIDEO]
Here's some guy looking for a cheap laugh at the expense of others, trying to make an internet name for himself. It works for some internet guys like ShayCarl, but not this guy.
He has a toy that makes a fart sound in his pocket, but apparently her husband took it too seriously...