Iced Tea Flavored Beer From Coors
Do you love iced tea but hate the fact that it's non-alcoholic? Do you love beer, but hate the fact that it doesn't taste enough like iced tea? Well, Coors has some information for you!
Rare Disorder Makes Girl Eat Sponges and Soap
Kids eating chalk were quite common back in our school days, and we often used to even laugh at them. We’re not sure we want to laugh at 21-year-old Kerry Trebilcock, though. The young dental nurse from England suffers from pica – a real disorder characterized by an appetite fo…
Adam Corolla’s Sledgehammer Wine is Just For Men
Wine is generally viewed as a beverage for guys over the age of fifty who enjoy vacations in Napa or guys too wussy to drink beer.
Adam Corolla wants to change the stigma associated with men and wine with some red wines called Sledgehammer
The Ultimate Super Bowl Snack Tray [PHOTO]
Would you rock this bad boy? For the past few years I've seen different variations of making this style of Super Bowl snack tray but I'd say this one takes the cake - or the sandwich, in this case.

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