Killer KATS Deal Now Live!
Your Friday Killer KATS Deal is from Old country Buffet & includes: Two Adult & Two Children's Lunches plus Drink at 50% off! Normally valued at $35.82, get this sweet deal for only $17.91! Seize it now by clicking HERE!
10 Variations of Popular Candies You Probably Missed
People love candy: The average American spends $84 on and consumes about 23.9 pounds of the sweet stuff each year. With all that money and attention, you'd think it would be hard for a candy product to fail. Not true. Many candy products come and go without much notice. Here are 10 variations o…
How are the New Mighty Wings from McDonalds? [REVIEW]
The other day we hit up the drive-thru at McDonald's to grab some happy meals to go. I wasn't planning on getting anything for myself until I noticed they have 'Mighty Wings' on the menu. The Mighty Wing is their take on a bone-in buffalo wing or spicy chicken wing. I'm a huge fan of buffalo wings s…
Kit Kat S’mores is my New Campfire Tradition [RECIPE]
I took a trip to the Oregon Coast this past week and had a beach fire just about every night. Of course we had to have s'mores as my kids love them almost as much as I do. We decided to experiment a little when I came up with my new favorite variation - the 'Kit Kat S'mores'. Her…

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