Kit Kat S’mores is my New Campfire Tradition [RECIPE]
I took a trip to the Oregon Coast this past week and had a beach fire just about every night. Of course we had to have s'mores as my kids love them almost as much as I do. We decided to experiment a little when I came up with my new favorite variation - the 'Kit Kat S'mores'. Her…
Mental Floss For Food [VIDEO]
There is always misconceptions about the way things are named and are in this world. For example German Chocolate cake was named after a guy not Germany!
Check this video out and see for yourself!
Beer Battered Bacon – It’s Not as Good as it Sounds
Over the weekend I was in a beer battering mood. I had it in mind to make beer battered California rolls, which turned out pretty decent, but since I still had some batter left, I decided to beer batter a few more items including bacon. I only wish it would've turned out better.
Beer Battered California Rolls on a Stick [RECIPE]
A buddy of mine and I were talking about fair foods and how deliciously awesome they are. There's always talk of what's next. What will be the next big fair food that will get people talking. That's when I came up with beer battered California rolls on a stick.
12 Creative Restaurant Signs
The restaurant biz is super competitive, which is why standing out from every other place is a key compenent to success. Of course a good restaurant should have great food, but first impressions (aka the kind that happen before you even walk into an establishment) are often overlooked. This is where…
NYC Restaurant Eliminates Tips for Servers
Have you ever gone to a restaurant and agonized over how much of a tip to leave? Well, an eatery in New York City has decided to save you the trouble by completely eliminating tips and paying staff salary plus benefits instead.
Make Your Own Cronuts!
Cronuts have taken over New York City (and the internet) in a big way. The hybrid croissant-doughnuts are only available at one bakery, and when they're gone madness ensues. People are scalping pastries, folks. There's a cronut black market on Craigslist, where you can have one delivered t…

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