How I Know I’m a Guy – Guys Don’t Read Words
In fact, most guys probably didn't read that headline. They just saw bags of chips and said, "oh, this must be interesting!" I see this chips at stores, these ones were at Albertson's. They're good and cheap so I pick them up every once in a while. Here's how I …
They Had Chicken and Waffles at Jack-Sons Sports Bar
Monday night, Jack-son's Sports Bar had chicken and waffles on the menu for that night only. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to actually have chicken and waffles - something I've heard about for so long but never had in a true setting. How were they? I'll tell you.
Texans Make World’s Largest Frito Pie
Fritos fits the bill of a perfect snack. Now, before you get all snack sassy, just hear us out. They’re crunchy, salty, miniature, AND they’re the ultimate dip-scooper. Could it get any better? No way. That’s why when we heard the folks over at the Tex…
Pizza Hut’s Latest Crazy Creation: ‘Kit Kat Pops’
We’re starting to think Pizza Hut has gone off a crazy cliff recently, what with their introduction of the Cheeseburger Crown Pizza and Cone Crust Pizza. It’s like Mr. Pizza Hut (he exists, right?) is trying to make some fantasy food magic happen, but it doesn’t quite seem to work. So when the popul…
Candy Corn Oreos – Just In Time For Halloween
Now I love me an Oreo cookie. It is, after all, the official cookie of milk. I prefer the standard, original oreo, but like to get the fun flavors sometimes, too. When I learned that our friends at Nabisco are, indeed, releasing a candy corn flavored Oreo, I didn't know what to make of it.
Mountain Dew Naming Contest Becomes a ‘Mountain Don’t’
To grab some more of that should-you-really-be-drinking-this market share, the makers of Mountain Dew have come up with a new green apple flavor. To promote this new flavor, they’ve been having an online contest to name it. But, it seems that someone has hijacked DubtheDew, most like…

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