On my way this weekend from Bale Breakers (Is Field 41 the best beer in the world or what?) to the Fresh Hops Ale Festival I snapped this pic at a stop sign. Can someone explain to me why a muffler center has a gun for a sign? Yeah I get it's called Bonnie & Clyde but the only thing I c…
#Hashtag — Why This Is Important to All of Us [VIDEO]
You can keep up with your friends on almost every level with popular social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. If your friends go camping, fishing or whatever, you can see what's going on. But what if you wanna see a complete stranger's weekend? It's simple, just d…
Dad & Grad Massages
The KATS studios are just down the street from a massage parlor here on Summitview Avenue. On my way to work a few weeks ago I snapped this little beauty of a photo and couldn't help but crack up. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.
I Saw A Seahawks Motorcycle In Seattle Over The Weekend
Seattle is becoming so much like San Fransisco or even Vegas without the gambling.  People with gauged lips, gauged noses, a woman with pumps and and hideous shorts and there is always someone with something crazy that has to do with the Seattle Seahawks.
Beard Cap For Bearded Swimmers, Facial Perfect
Attention everyone who has a beard! There is now a swimming cap that covers your head and your whole face. Now your beard can stay in tack while you swim. If you like looking like a dork at the same time! I can't tell you how many Yakima Valley people I know who have a beard. I am sure some of …
New York Laughs in Yakima
As heard on "The Big Show" this morning, Owen Straw will be coming from New York and bringing his brand of comedy to the Yakima Laugh Lounge this weekend along with Seattle fave Scott Losse!

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