Restaurant Tells Off Entire City After Closing [PHOTO]
I can't imagine how hard it would be to open a restaurant in any town. Sava Italiano in Texas was trying to run a business with great food, but the people of this town apparently didn't appreciate it. When they closed shop, they decided to have the final word by posting this sign.
Yakima's Home Grown Comedy Troupe brings their Improv talents to Glenwood Square every Friday night, check out this game of "Sing On Cue" from last Friday's performance! For more info check out their website or their facebook page...
The “Whose Line” of Yakima, Manic Thunder
Home grown comedians of the Yakima Valley, team up every Friday Night to do their thing... and that thing is funny! Check out the video of Manic Thunder to get a taste of what they do, Live Comedy on a Weekly Basis!
Manic Thunder = Live Local Funny!
You've heard Aaron Bennett of Manic Thunder in the mornings during the Big Show with Todd E Lyons Esq. Now take a gander what he and the other funny guys of Manic Thunder do every Friday Night at Glenwood Square!
11 Diving Fails to Prep You for Summer
Memorial Day is coming up soon, which means the beginning of swimming season is quickly approaching. This also means plenty of painful belly flops, fully-clothed people falling into pools and our latest hilarious discovery, diving fails.

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