Cheapest Gas In The Yakima Valley
Gas stations in the West Valley don't cut their semi-well-off customers many breaks on price. At a well-known gas station near my house a gallon of unleaded runs for $2.23. The farther toward downtown you go, the cheaper it gets. But by far the cheapest gas anywhere in the valley is in Wapato, …
Gas Guzzler Hits On Ladies
"Hey baby, can I fill you up?" That might be one of the pick up lines Robert Stephens, a British perv, used after he drank unleaded gas for the buzz.
State Rep. Dave Taylor Talks 10 Cent Gas Tax Increase
Earlier this morning, I had 15th District Washington State Representative David Taylor (R-Moxee) on "The Big Show."
He enlightened us on the most recent special session of the congress called by Governor Inslee and the prospect of a 10 cent-per-gallon gasoline tax hike...
Cheapest Gas In Yakima
You may have noticed, quite recently, that the price of a gallon of gas is beginning to fall somewhat significantly.
Just the other day, I saw where it had actually dipped below the $3 threshold for the first time in a long time.  That made me wonder, "where can I find the cheapest gas …

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