Godsmack Set To Rock Yakima Valley SunDome Tonight! #SmackDome
It has been almost exactly two years to the day that the last major rock-'n-roll show blew the roof off of the Yakima SunDome when Korn and Disturbed laid waste to the valley on November 5th, 2013.
That's one year and 300+ days to long and it's about to change in less than seven hours!
Smack that Ass for Godsmack — C’mon, Take a Whack!
Somebody's got it coming -- and it just might be you.
Give somebody a good smack on the ass, video it and you and your butt-hurt friend could find yourselves cooling your fannies in two free seats at the Nov. 4 Godsmack concert at the Yakima Valley SunDome...
Godsmack Gives Away New Song “Inside Yourself”
In support of their 1000hp album, Godsmack  is giving away some new music a little sooner than expected. The band has posted the new song "Inside Yourself" online via their website that you can download for free!
In a message from frontman Sully Erna:
He adds, "This is a song about equa…

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