Winner Of The Synyster Gates Guitar [PHOTOS]
A few months ago during the Avenged Sevenfold concert we gave away a Synyster Gates autographed guitar. The winner, John Fullerton, decided to make a rockin' case for it to display proudly. Here are the pics. Be jealous!
Guitar Swing Becomes Guitar Toss [VIDEO]
This poor band. They're just trying to rock out on stage. Getting into the tune he's going to attempt to swing the guitar around his head. Instead of making his guitar go 360, he gets a good 40-45 degree angle launch behind the stage.
Celebrate Les Paul’s Birthday With Playable Google Doodle
Today, Google is paying tribute to the late guitar pioneer Les Paul with a guitar-themed doodle that allows users to play it and record songs of their own.
The doodle, which was designed by engineers Kristopher Hom and Joey Hurst and doodle team lead Ryan Germick, will be up for 24 hours, and was rel…
John Moyer of Disturbed at Ted Brown Music
John Moyer, bassist for Disturbed, stopped by Ted Brown Music to sign some autographs including this sweet B.C. Rich Bass guitar that we're giving away. Check out the pics and a big "Thank You" to Ted Brown Music in the Nob Hill Plaza, B...
Eddie Van Halen’s guitar enters The Smithsonian
The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History has recently acquired the Van Halen “Frank 2″ guitar, played and made famous by Eddie Van Halen, through a partnership donation with Fender Musical Instruments.
The guitar was made in 2006 as part of a joint venture bet…

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