Halloween Light Shows Rock, Literally [VIDEO]
Forget Christmas light shows! Halloween light shows have them beat. Orange, black, red green and white are the colors to see this year. I drove up to Cowiche this weekend to do a little hiking before the snow falls and I saw some pretty amazing lights already up for Halloween.
The Halloween Party At Jack-Son’s Was A Blast!
Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Halloween party at Jack-Son's that Todd and I hosted on Saturday Night. Our costume winners were awesome ... from the giant-headed Joker from "Batman" with the disco lights over his head to the Zach Galifianakis impersonator, the creati…
Shopping For Halloween Costumes — What Catches Your Eye?
I love Halloween! I love shopping for Halloween over any other holiday. It is a chance to be whatever you want for as many parties as you can go to.  If I can afford it, I will be two or three things for the occasion. Shopping for costumes, although fun, can be hard too -- because I want everyt…

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