Customer Shoots Would-be Robbers At Internet Cafe
There are acts of heroism, there are acts of stupidity and this video includes both. Some guys barge into an Internet cafe in hopes to rob the place. As it turns out, one of the guys there happens to have a gun and has no problem using it to protect the other patrons.
Yakima Hero, Kylee Sinner, Saves Woman In Roll Over
Kylee Sinner, a huge KATS listener and a Veteran from the United States Army continues to be a hero!
Kylee was West Bound on Highway 12 around 1:30 am when she came upon a rolled over car on the other side of the street. She told me that is was really dark and not another car insight...
Funeral for the Fallen Hero [PHOTOS]
Here are a few pics of the funeral for Lance Corporal Joe Michael Jackson that happened at Tahoma Cemetery on May 4th. Don't worry, no Westboro douchebags showed up - or if they did they didn't last long, if you know what I'm sayin'.