ice cream

Wife Beats Cheating Husband With Ice Cream
What would you do if you walked into a drug store and found the person you are married to shopping with the person they are currently sleeping with? Well, it probably depends on what your philandering spouse has in their shopping basket.
In the case of Dawn Elaine Barran of Port St. Lucie, FL, she gr…
La Super Ice Cream Carts in Yakima
This picture just about tells the story of Summer vacation in Yakima to me. You see these guys carting all over Yakima. You've probably even made fun of them from your car window but these guys are just out trying to make an honest living selling ice cream bars and various other frozen treats.
Cute Kid Defies Sleep for Ice Cream Cone
When sleep strikes a child, it can do so at the most inopportune time, even in the middle of a tasty snack. But the adorable kid in this video doesn’t let that stop him as he snoozes and noshes on an ice cream cone at the same time.

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