Lifehack: How To Make Your iPhone Sound Louder
So, you're sitting outside, having a picnic, lounging by the pool or where ever you may be. You have your radioPup blasting your favorite station. The only problem is that it's not blasting as loud as you would like. Here's what I do whenever I'm outside and want to listen to tun…
I Just Saw This Homeless Guy Look At His iPhone
To be fair, we don't know if he doesn't really have a home. He was standing on the corner of 1st and Nob Hill facing west as you come down from the overpass. I didn't pay much attention to him, but my wife shockingly said, "I just saw him looking at his iPhone!"
Samuel L. Jackson’s New Siri Commercial Is Intense
Apple recently released a couple of commercials for the iPhone 4S and its Siri feature. Why? We have no idea. The pair of spots feature Samuel L. Jackson and everyone’s favorite Queen of Quirk Zooey Deschanel, though they never appear together. That’
iPhone Secretly Tracks Your Every Move, Claims Security Experts
Security experts Peter Warden and Alasdair Allen have made a startling discovery about Apple's iPhone and 3G iPad: The devices secretly track and record your location.
Apparently, this has been going on for 10 months, despite the fact that Apple has never previously disclosed that they keep a r…
Dial With Your Nose? There’s An App For That
Can't dial through your woolen mittens? Leather gloves keeping you from texting? Pssht. NoseDial, a new iPhone app from German company Buhmann Marketing allows you to navigate the phone's touchscreen features with your nose instead of your hands.