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New York Laughs in Yakima
As heard on "The Big Show" this morning, Owen Straw will be coming from New York and bringing his brand of comedy to the Yakima Laugh Lounge this weekend along with Seattle fave Scott Losse!
Timmy’s Final Shift on KATS
After being on 94.5 KATS for over 16 years, (13 of them at night rockin' the Basement) I've decided to retire from radio ... AGAIN! About a year ago I attempted to hang up my headphones and just be a weekend rocker, but as history and credit card bills changed my path, I took over the midd…
Comedians Film Netflix Documentary in Yakima
Andrew Ouellette & Jake Daniels are bringing their "Knock'em Dead Comedy Tour" to Yakima's Comedy Club, The Laugh Lounge, but that's not all, it part of a 40 state tour that is being filmed for a documentary for Netflix!
Sit on Down & Laugh
You know the TV Show, Whose Line Is It Anyway... well Yakima has it's own version, only not edited for TV & sponsored by Disney and it's been going strong for the past 6 years. It's called Manic Thunder Improv! They take your suggestions and make the funny right off the cuff.
New York Comedy at the Laugh Lounge
Luis J Gomez will be coming from New York and bringing his brand of comedy to the Yakima Laugh Lounge this weekend along with feature Aaron Kirby! Timmy chitchatted with Luis this morning before he hit the the plane to make his trek for his first-time visit to Washington state!
Comedian Mike Wally Walter Returns to Yakima!
Mike Wally Walter will be bringing his 32 years of comedy back to the Yakima Laugh Lounge Comedy Club this weekend along with feature Abbey Drake!
Mike checked into 'The Big Show' earlier this morning to tell us, among other things, that he's not dead yet!
Improv At The Laugh Lounge
Have you ever wanted to see Whose Line Is It Anyway? only not edited for TV and sponsored by Disney? Maybe you'd like to see a recreation of The Dating Game that pits Barney the Dinosaur head-to-head with Chewbacca & Curious George

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