Sit on Down & Laugh
You know the TV Show, Whose Line Is It Anyway... well Yakima has it's own version, only not edited for TV & sponsored by Disney and it's been going strong for the past 6 years. It's called Manic Thunder Improv! They take your suggestions and make the funny right off the cuff.
Costumed No-Cost Comedy
As heard on "The Big Show" this morning, if you're too old to trick or treat, but the whole bar scene with the sexy kitties and nurses isn't really your thing either, The Laugh Lounge Comedy Club has you covered ...
Great Laughs at the Lounge This Weekend!
With all the entertainment and excitement hittin' the Yakima Valley, don't forget to take time to laugh!
Mr. Zoltan Kaszas and Chase Brockett plan to do just that this weekend at the Laugh Lounge! Zoltan is a Seattle Comedy Competition Winner, and you can see why by checking out the clip ab…