A Pow Wow of Laughs This Weekend
As heard on The Big Show this morning, Ms. Bahiyyih Mudd chatted it up about the live comedy happening this weekend at the Laugh Lounge. Check out Bahiyyih as she hosts Friday & Saturday nights for comedic greats Patrick Schillito, & national touring great & Co-founder of the…
Manic Thunder = Live Local Funny!
You've heard Aaron Bennett of Manic Thunder in the mornings during the Big Show with Todd E Lyons Esq. Now take a gander what he and the other funny guys of Manic Thunder do every Friday Night at Glenwood Square!
Godsmack get Live & Inspired in May
Godsmack's made sure to hit the record button at their Detroit Rock City show last tour capturing 13 of their fav's for our enjoyment. The result is a new album titled "Live & Inspired" looking to drop on May 15th.
Ace Frehley Doing His Solo Album Live
Todd E. Lyons favorite guitar player will be preforming his self titled solo album live on December 3rd at the Hard Rock in Wales.  Some of the musicians helping with Ace Frehley's solo project back in 1978 are now musicians on David Letterman...
19 Year Old Stabs Himself On Stage In Oregon
Picture this, it's open mic night at some random coffee house in the ever-awesome city of Bend, oregon. some kid gets up on stage and sings a song called "Sorry for the Mess" and then started stabbing himself with a knife deep in his chest? That's exactly what happened.
Teen Commits Suicide on Stage, Audience Unknowingly Applauds
The scene was straight out of a horror movie last weekend: Troubled 19-year-old Kipp Rusty Walker walked on stage at an open mic night, played a weary and foretelling song called, 'Sorry For All the Mess,' and then repeatedly stabbed himself to death with a 6-inch blade.
Charlie Sheen Bombing in Detroit
Charlie Sheen kicked off his live shows in Detroit. I guess he had a standing ovation when he first walked on stage, but then the show took a turn for the worse. Did anyone expect anything more?