manic thunder

Open Mic = Local Laughs
Thursday's at the Laugh Lounge Comedy Club are heating up and giving locals a chance to let their inner demons fly! Whether it is a poem, song, joke (dirty or clean), it doesn't matter,
Yakima's Home Grown Comedy Troupe brings their Improv talents to Glenwood Square every Friday night, check out this game of "Sing On Cue" from last Friday's performance! For more info check out their website or their facebook page...
Manic Thunder = Live Local Funny!
You've heard Aaron Bennett of Manic Thunder in the mornings during the Big Show with Todd E Lyons Esq. Now take a gander what he and the other funny guys of Manic Thunder do every Friday Night at Glenwood Square!
12 Days Of Legal Weed (VIDEO) (NSFW)
This is hilarious! Bob And Doug McKenzie did there version of The 12 Days Of Christmas so why not a version for Legal Weed!
Found this on Youtube and it turns out it is Yakima's own Mainc Thunder! Check It Out!
Hostess for the Hungry
With the future of Hostess looking darker than their chocolate Ding Dongs, it's nice to see a little good come out of all troubles that Twinkie the Kid is facing.
Improv Comedy at the Fair!
With all the great acts & talent that grace the stages at the Central Washington State Fair, very few actually build their show completely around the audience. Yes, the bands & dancers will get you tapping your toes & the hypnotist will bring you on stage with your best Justi…
Friday Night Improv Comedy
Wanna see what Timmy did friday night? Just watch the video of Manic Thunder Improv Troupe! The "Whose Line" of the Yakima Valley. This is a game called "Four Square"... only with 3 people.