Colorado Students Serve Classmates Pot Brownies as Prank
Just because it's legal to do it on your own time in Colorado, doesn't mean you can drug your whole class. Two University of Colorado students in Boulder thought it would be funny to bring pot brownies to a morning class to share. Then a bunch of people who ate them had freak-
outs. Suddenl…
Pot Is Legal Today In Washington State – Now What?
With the passage of Initiative- 502 last month, as of 12:01 this morning, possessing an ounce of marijuana is now legal in Washington state.
There seems to be much confusion as to what is now legal and what is still illegal.
The Seattle Police Department has set up a guide to legal marijuana use as it…
7K Tons Of Pot ‘Left’ In Ocean
Potheads are known for being forgetful, but someone took the stereotype to the extreme, leaving 7,000 tons of marijuana valued at $3.6 million just floating off the coast of Orange County, California.
The Yoga Hit – What Would You Call This Pose?
I saw this picture on the website I.Am.Bored and was more curious to know what to call this yoga pose. What do you think?
You know how yoga has those ridiculous names for poses. Down Dog, Crying Wolf, Laughing Chipmunk or whatever the hell they're called...
Man Makes A Jesus Pipe [PHOTO]
We've all had those friends in high school who would make pipes out of just about everything. Gas masks, Mrs. Butterworth containers, apples. Then there's the pop can. This guy decided to take it to the extreme and make a pipe out of a baby Jesus figure.

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