A Ska-tanic Musical Mash-Up
Yes, I know we don't play Jackson 5, or Reel Big Fish, but one is my favorite band, and the other contains little Michael Jackson. What would it sound like if lil' Michael turned in his moonwalking books and picked up a trombone and Hawaiian shirt...
“Music As A Weapon V” Mixtape
Korn - Pop A Pill (Mike Czech Remixxx)
Korn vs. Pitbull - Got The Life Girl (Mike Czech Remixxx)
Korn - Got The Life (Josh Abraham Remix)
Korn - Let The Guilt Go (Scooter & Lavelle HARD Remix)
Disturbed vs. DMX - 10000 Fists Up In Here (Mike Czech Remixxx)
Korn vs. Ou...