Getting caught with your pants down, gets way out of hand.
If you have ever been caught taking matters into your own hands, first rule is... don't freak out, second rule is, don't ask for assistance. Just pull your pants up and act like nothing is wrong. If only 21 year old Angel Suarez Medero of Pennsylvania would have known this.
Chronic Masturbator Sues To Gain Access to Porn in Jail
Kyle Richards, a prisoner awaiting sentence on a bank robbery conviction, claims he suffers from chronic masturbation syndrome and needs porn to manage his affliction.
And since the 21-year old isn’t being provided access to pornography behind bars in Michigan’s Macomb…
Brazilian Woman Wins Right to Masturbate at Work
Brazilian woman Ana Catarina Bezerra Silvares has a rare and - and apparently very real - medical condition called "compulsion orgasmic," which requires her to masturbate up to 47 times a day or suffer from painful consequence.
The need for constant self-gratification obviously presents pro…