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Yakima’s Memorial Day Parade On Saturday Was Great [PHOTOS]
Saturday's Memorial Day parade in downtown Yakima had some truly patriotic people in attendance -- from those who entered the parade to those who stood and watched. It was a sad day for me, but I was also very proud on who came to honor and pay their respects to those who have fallen.
Memroial Day Parade In Yakima On Saturday
This is a time for celebration and sadness and missing people that have served our country to keep us free! That is what the day was set up for since the Civil War! Decoration Day! We have since turned it in to a time to remember everyone that is gone! I love it and I am glad it changed a little bit…
Beware of Memorial Day Military Scams
Memorial Day is coming this Monday and, while it is  a time to honor those who serve and remember those who have died in war, it has also become another guise for scam artists to take from people who are serving or have served their nation, especially elderly veterans.